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About Us

Dafrak Pets Line - A division of Dafrak Marketing brings yet another opportunity to the pets loving people of Gujarat to interact first time the concept of western countries at your doorstep. Our concept is to provide the latest information on pets, kennels and aquarium to our valuable customers. Dafrak Pets Line is the best and biggest in Gujarat and most popular in Calcutta and all over India.

From 1978 Dafrak Kennels is registered under Kennel Club Of India. The group is headed by Mr. Pradip Kumar Roy who since his childhood is a pet lover. He is the founder member of Calcutta Canine Club & regular member of Calcutta Kennel Club. He has travelled Europe, Israel, Gulf, Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal and many Asian countries during past three decades and gathered thorough experience in this field, to provide his rich experience to the pet loving people of India. His Dogs have participated in several dog shows all over India and were awarded by Indian & Foreign Judges. He first time introduced Crop ear Doberman named "Tania" & an Indian Cities of India.

Dafrak Pets Line Offers All Types of Dog Breeds.

Dafrak Pets Line Offers All Types of Bird Breeds.

Dafrak Pets Line Offers All Types of Cat Breeds.

Dafrak Pets Line Offers All Types of Fish Breeds.